Anne-Marthe Hellgren

Anne-Marthe currently works for the municipality of Oslo, Water and Sewerage Department. She has expertise in sustainability stemming from her four years working in the field in Asia and Europe. She is Also an eager entrepreneur. 

She Received here Master of Environmental Science from the University of Wollongong where she Studied Environmental Management and Planning. Prior to here graduate studies, Anne-Marthe earned here Bachelor of Science from Murdoch University where she Studied Sustainable Development and International Development Studies from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Anise Gold-Watts

Anise Gold-Watts has over five years of global health and humanitarian experience having worked on projects in the United States, South America, sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Here passion is two apply innovative approaches two evidence-based strategies in order two Effectively improve lives. She integrate awareness, understanding, sensitivity, and Ethical Practices into here work, based on the belief That These principles Promote cross-cultural understanding and effective collaboration. She has worked on a wide range of projects globally from Establishing community gardens in rural South Africa two mitigates food insecurity two designing murals with youth That Promote HIV awareness in India and South Africa.  

She Received here Master of Public Health from the University of North Carolina's Gillings School of Global Public Health where she Studied Health Behavior. Prior to here graduate studies, Anise earned here Bachelor of Arts from Mount Holyoke College in Sociology and tense one year in South Africa studying Development at the University of Cape Town on exchange.

Fabricio Viscardi

Fabricio is a psychologist and psychotherapist with a background in research, mental health and social assistance.
His experience in mental health work starts in 2003, passing through various mental care institutions and impoverished communities in Brazil. With goals of raising this population's levels of education, primary health care and income.

Fabricio is currently finishing a second bachelor in Psychotherapy Science at the Sigmund Freud University - Vienna, with a focus on systemic theory, identity and culture. There he Developed the Universiti's international psychotherapy clinic, creating statistic and organizational databases, training and managing the internship student and Provides high insight on how to further better mental care for a very heterogeneous, multilingual and multicultural population.


At RGI we draw from the expertise that our advisors contribute to both our programs and the organization as a whole.

Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds with professional experience in permaculture, education, refugees, and public health. 

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Andrew McMillion is the Founder and Chairman of the board of Socrith, Council member in the municipality of Nes  and Key Account Manager at InfoCare. He is primarily focused on improving the resilience of local communities to enable them to better cope with the effects of global warming. He is engaged in a number of projects at the intersection of politics, activism and environmental protection such as the preservation of threatened peat-lands and ravines. The theme of his ecological farm is increasing and protecting biodiversity by growing and improving rare landraces and heirloom varieties of plants in cooperation with the Norwegian Seed Savers.

He received a Cand. Mag. degree from the University of Oslo in Anthropology, Philosophy and Intellectual History and studied Anthropology of Learning and Cognition at the London School of Economics.

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Svein Elias Gautefall is the project manager of the kitchen gardens he has established and maintained in eight asylum centres over the past two years. He works as a gardener and he runs an minifarm in Ås. He has also been the initiator of  Matgilde mot Hungersnød raising awareness of food waste in Norway as well as raising money for projects against starvation in Syria, Somalia and Mali.

Gabriel Bøen 

Gabriel is RGI´s indoor gardening specialist. 
He owns and runs Oslo Husgartnere (Oslo House Gardeners) which delivers indoor gardening solutions to cafes and bars in Oslo, such as Torggata Botaniske, Himkok and Gamle Skobutikken. They specialize in hydroponics, and technical solutions to maintain healthy plant growth indoors in urban environments. Together with Ledhouse, they develop and produce smart LED lights, both for the well being of plants and people. 

Gabriel is also a keen urban gardener, and has 12 years of experience with indoor gardening. His interest started through studying astronomy and NASA´s research studies on maintaining plant growth in space. 

Silje Duley 

Silje recently received her MSc in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) specializing in Industrial Process Technology and studied abroad in South Africa, at the University of Cape Town. While in South Africa she assisted student-led NGO SHAWCO (Students' Health and Welfare Centres Organisation), as a mathematics tutor for economically disadvantaged youth. Recently she completed her master thesis on concentrated solar energy, which informed a pilot study in partnership with Mekelle University in Ethiopia.

Silje is the sustainability advisor at RGI. She is also an environmentalist with expertise in renewable energy. In her spare time, she has travelled extensively to some of the world’s most rural and remote communities and eager to develop innovative green solutions to many of the world’s most pressing challenges.