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Current projects (2018)

Dikemark Project Garden + Children's Project

At Dikemark we have established a vegetable garden in the center with 8 regular participants.

In addition to weekly meetings in the garden, we run monthly childrens activities focused on connecting the kids with their natural surroundings and enjoying play outdoors. Activities include visits to nearby farms, planting flowers, building bird houses and foraging.

Hobøl Project Garden

At Hobøl we have established 8 various gardens surrounding the center. Through weekly meetings in the gardens, we weed, water and hang out.

We have assisted a family in establishing their own growth tunnel.

Kongsvinger Project Garden

At Kongsvinger we established a garden in between the buildings at the compound

Unfortunately, the camp closed down mid season and our activities at Kongsvinger has therefore ceased.



Past projects (2018)


Ila Project Garden (2017) 

Ila mottak was a reception center for adults and families in Oslo city centre that opened in 2016. It was open for approximately a year and here we managed to get a good group of growers together and set up a nice, green backyard for everyone to enjoy and hang out in.

Holmestrand Project Garden (2016)

Holmestrand mottak was a reception center for unaccompanied minors. We ran our first pilot project here without any funds and sourced materials, soils and seeds from the local community.